About Us

Exclusive Kauri Ltd is a New Zealand-based development company, a company approved by the New Zealand Government and qualified for the development and finishing of Kauri Trees. Our mission is to retain the unique Maori culture. We know that every piece of wood is precious and unique. Whether it is a single piece of sculpture or solid wood furniture it will become a love of life. Exclusive Kauri Ltd places great importance in New Zealand Cultural Heritage.

We prize swamp kauri for its age, its appearance, and its rarity. We also value the environment swamp kauri is found in, because these places often hold heritage and historical value – especially for Māori.

There is a tension between the values that people place in the timber, and the value people place in the surrounding environment. There is potential for damage to the archaeological and environmental values of the land when swamp kauri is extracted.

Exclusive Kauri Ltd works closely with MPI to manage this tension, from extraction, milling to exporting.