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What is Swamp Kauri?

Swamp Kauri is the oldest pieces found in New Zealand and is the oldest workable wood in the world. 150 million years ago, Gondwana Land began to break up, leaving New Zealand isolated and free to evolve its own vegetation. For thousands of years, the isolated land from others on Earth, has developed many unique plants, like Swamp Kauri.

New Zealand native Kauri trees (Agathis Australis) that fell, buried and preserved underground in swamps for more than 45,000 years (more than 45,000/up to 60,000) are known as Swamp Kauri.

The trees grew for thousands of years before they were buried.

Kauri grows best in moist ground. As they age they become incredibly heavy – this weight can cause them to slowly sink into the ground. For swamp kauri to be preserved the way it has, and for as long as it has, specific needs had to be met:

1. The ground around the trees had to be damp enough to allow the fallen trees to sink.

2. The trees had to be sealed off from oxygen exposure as oxygen is necessary for decomposition.

Buried under a peat swamp by an unexplained act of nature at the end of the last Ice Age, the trees have survived the centuries underground, sealed in a chemically balanced environment that has preserved the timber in perfect condition.

There is no single set of circumstances that produced swamp kauri. The geology, environment and landscape of the places it’s found vary hugely. The most common preservation environments are lowland bogs and peat swamps.

Swamp Kauri is very rare, very prestigious and definitely special!

One of the many gems of Swamp Kauri is Swamp Kauri gum. The Kauri gum is a fossilized resin from kauri trees. It both smells amazing and it beautiful in both texture and colour. Something so fragile can be made into a fine piece of jewellery or a decoration.

Our Service

We have passion for Swamp Kauri and also its environment.

We manufacture different Swamp Kauri wood products at our factory in New Zealand. Combining with the culture of Maori, we have done many pieces of beautiful art ranging from Jewellery to tables. Every piece of ancient kauri you purchase from Exclusive Kauri Ltd is carefully handcrafted by our art masters. We process small batch of unique and the best of sculpture works of art, jewellery, souvenirs, household items and office furniture than anyone else.

You are very welcome to visit our showroom and outlets for finished products. As a New Zealand based development company, we are approved by the New Zealand

Government and qualified for the development and finishing of Kauri Trees. We saw swamp kauri that meets New Zealand Ministry of Industry (MPI) export standards. We can also assist the seller to handle the relevant procedures, or agent export, and deal with the relevant export procedures.

MPI Standards

Exclusive Kauri Ltd follows the standards of MPI to manage in the development of extraction, milling and exporting Swamp Kauri. In New Zealand, extraction is regulated under the Resource Management Act 1991 and is given effect through regional and district plans. Swamp kauri can only be milled if the timber has an approved MPI milling statement and is milled at a sawmill registered with MPI under the Forests Act. Swamp kauri can only be exported as a finished product or as whole or sawn swamp kauri stumps or roots.

Who is NIWA?

Established in 1992 as one of nine New Zealand Crown Research Institutes (CRIs), NIWA’s mission is to provide a scientific basis for the sustainable management and development of New Zealand’s atmospheric, marine and freshwater systems and associated resources. NIWA’s commercial clients include New Zealand and overseas governments; regional councils. NIWA staffs also participate widely in international initiatives, representing New Zealand in such fora as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

NIWA Ancient Kauri Archive Certificate of Analysis

We proudly support NIWA analysing the Past Quaternary climate and environment change by providing samples of swamp kauri. Sub-fossil wood species are identified by anatomy of rings and wood fibre traits. Scientists date ancient kauri based on the radiocarbon technology and our changing world. The certificate is to certificate the value of the products you purchase from us, Exclusive Kauri Ltd, are the ancient kauri from 45000 years ago.(UNEP).